By marrying innovative and sustainable construction practices with the latest information technology, Beladon achieves its mission of changing travellers’ present lifestyle experience from “Eat, Meet & Stay” to “Meet, Relax & Connect”.

Mindful of the global climate challenges our hoteldesign is also about being sustainable. With an eco-footprint that is well planned in its design, construction and all aspects of its day-to-day operations, hotel guests will be staying in an iconic building that is self-sufficient in its energy consumption, water needs and waste disposal. Beladon’s eco-friendly hotel journey will empower every guest to be part of a sustainable solution that goes beyond just re-using bath towels.

Beladon’s hotel journey of the future will be about personalised experience and choice for the traveller. With today’s explosion of choices from the types of coffee you can order at the café to the myriad of mobile phone Apps you can choose from, people have come to expect choice in every aspect of their hotel stay. Technological advancements in social media and cloud computing have also changed the way people interact with one another and connectivity is expected to be available anywhere, anytime.  These technological developments, fuelling individual choice, will be harnessed to enable Beladon’s hotel concept to deliver personalisation of experiences to their hotel guests.


Beladon’s iconic hotel on water is designed to give guests an exciting customer experience as well as providing the environment with the best long-term sustainable solution.

The hotel is a landmark for guests, staff, press and the local public in showing the way in how it can truly put sustainability into practice in a day-to-day operation.  The concept covers all aspects including the choice of materials, the food cycle, water and energy chains for which state-of-the-art innovations and solutions, developed in close cooperation with key partners and leading international universities, will be put in to practice. These sustainable solutions will be an inspiring showcase for the outside world.